6 Ways To Keep Your Items Safe While You Travel

May 11, 2015

As fun and exhilarating as it may be, we all know how hectic travelling has the potential to be; as people run between gates and lounges to make departing and connecting flights. In all the commotion, it can be easy to misplace or lose track of your items before you even get a chance to board the plane. To prevent that worst case scenario from happening, here are a few tips to keep all your essential items safe while you travel. airport-384562_1280      

Make your luggage stand outScreen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.09.28 PM

Whether it's the unique contrasting and bright detailing on our Rise Gear bags or adding stickers & other identifiable adornment to your bags, make sure you'll be able to spot your luggage the moment it comes down the baggage carousel and prevent any mix ups resulting in someone taking your luggage by mistake. It's important to make sure you choose high quality luggage, and our bags are the perfect place to start. Also be sure to make use of TSA and CATSA-approved locks for some added security.  

Bury cash deep in your carry-on bag

Once you get onto the plane, you're not likely going to need cash until you reach your destination; so shove any cash you have with you to the bottom of your bag so it's hidden under everything else in it and not easily spotted by any passing opportunists.

Keep your expensive items extra close

Though it's a good idea to keep your most expensive items at home, if there are a few that are essential to your trip like your laptop or tablet, make sure they're packed into your closely guarded carry-on as opposed to your checked luggage. Simply wearing other valuables like jewelry is another great alternative.  


Keep your credit cards and identification on you

Arguably the most important items while you travel is your identification, namely your passport, and credit cards. Without these, how would you get home in an emergency? Keep these items directly on your person in a pocket that it won't fall out of, like inside a jacket or in a small cross-body bag.


Never leave your bag unattended

This might seem like an obvious one, but many people set their bags to the side when stopping to speak to a ticket agent or to purchase something. It only takes a few seconds of diverted attention for your bag to turn up missing, so make sure you keep tabs on your luggage at all times while in the terminal even if it may seem like a nuisance.   Remember, your trip will be off to a good start if you pack smart in a high quality bag like one of our Rise Gear bags. Safe Travels!