5 Ways To Save On Your Next Adventure

December 21, 2015

TravelingOnABudgetAs more people begin to travel on a regular basis, it's important to find ways to maximize these experience and have as many of them as possible. With some saving, planning, and other creative methods it's more than possible to travel the world on a budget.

Take The Road Less Travelled

While you should certainly take advantage of popular destinations, remember just how big the globe is and look for experiences that fall a little bit outside of the usual. Try Montreal instead of Paris, Taiwan instead of Japan, or Panama instead of the Dominican Republic. Travelling outside of peak seasons can always save in the long run. It varies between regions and countries, but think of holidays and warmer months (in that respective country) as the times travellers are most likely to flock to a particular place, and maneuver around that timeframe. Being flexible on the dates you leave can be a great way to save on travel costs, as departing on a Friday will always be more expensive than a Tuesday.

Sign Up For Airfare Alerts

Checking prices from day to day for the best fare can be time-consuming, so there's a whole host of websites like SkyScanner that allows you to bookmark a particular date and destination combination to keep you up to date on rising or falling airfare prices.  Prices vary based on the day, time and season that you search and book; so don't be afraid to look around and wait until the perfect price drop to make your move.Significance-of-Online-Flight-Tickets-Booking1

Skip The All-Inclusive

Look for non-traditional lodging options like guest houses, rooms or hostels to save money on those costs. For more travellers, the hotel is where you spend the least amount of your time so you don't always have to opt for your typical hotel or resort experience. Try sites like AirBnB & HomeAway to find guest homes, search for hostels & more. Often times, other types of lodging can get you closer to the heart of a city or region (depending on where you search) and will give you a richer experience than you may have had at a hotel or a resort. Woman on Jetty with Laptop. Adobe RGB.

Work While You're Away

If you plan on travelling for a few weeks or even months, it will definitely help to have some type of employment while you're there. While most travel visas bar you from working, there are many companies that allow for remote work so you can complete all sorts of tasks no matter where you are.

Skip Baggage Check

Travelling with just carry-on luggage can be challenging for many but can prove to be the thriftiest option when flying. Not only will all your essentials be conveniently close by,  but you'll save the cost that most airlines charge to check a piece of luggage. From rolling your clothes, getting rid of packaging,  to making use of pockets and your additional personal item, there's a whole host of tips and tricks to make sure you can bring all the items you'll need for your trips without having to check a bag.

Honourable Mention: Drive, Then Fly

Depending where you live, international flights may be much more expensive when leaving from your closest airport. If the savings are significant enough and you're up for a bit of a road trip, don't be afraid to fly out of a nearby city to get to your final destination. For example, if you're headed to a destination within the United States, it may be worth it to get to Buffalo by land first and board there for a much cheaper fare.